Moonlight Concert Series 2020!
  • Moonlight Concert Series 2020!
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February 9

"Tribal Dance" and The Force of 3 ( La Fuerza de 3 )

2020 season is about celebrating my influences as the result of places I visit and people I admired musically, make a tribute to the songs, musicians, and composers that comfort me, move me, and lift my spirits.

Join me on this musical journey I am about to start.

I hope that this new music brings people together in celebration and love. "Tribal Dance" and The Force of 3 ( La Fuerza de 3 )

Moonlight Concert Series 2020!

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Moonlight Concert 2020! Feb 9

Season 2020!

Season 2020!

Moonlight Concert 2019

Hello music lovers!

Many of you have been asking where and when I will be performing this upcoming season.  

I am working on a new musical endeavour - something I have been thinking about for quite some time.  It will be only me - a solo act.

I think a lot of us believe that music is a spiritual thing, and is connected to whatever you believe to be the source of life.
In a quest to be more authentic with my life and my music, I have begun a journey into finding the music that moves my spirit: to joy or some other core emotion.

I am trying to focus my artistry on creating less from an intellectual mindset and more from a “mindless”, or not an outcome-based approach.  I have noticed that freeing myself from working towards an outcome has opened up a new doorway in the creative process - with a surprising result.

In a very short time I have been gifted with many unique original musical ideas, which I am busy trying to sew together into new compositions.  It is coming straight from the heart and without a lot of thinking. 

I suppose that my travels have contributed to this in a major way since many of the new musical concepts have flavours from Africa, the Mediterranean and Turkey.

It has been a very rewarding process for me so far, and although I have no idea what other people or my fans will think of it (or even if they will like it at all) I hope that this new music brings people together in celebration and love. That is why I thought I would call it “Tribal Dance”.  If you think about it, the first music wasn’t much more than sticks beating on logs in rhythm that moved people to dance and feel the joy of life.

The performance of this new music has been somewhat innovative.  I have tried to use the tools I have in order to create the sounds that are coming into my head.  I have had to be somewhat innovative in this approach in order to make it happen.  They say “necessity is the mother of invention”.

This new approach is blurring the line between a musician and a modern DJ.  In basic terms, a musician makes musical phrases.  DJ’s don’t make the phrases but rather use the phrases - “playing” them and modifying them to create the presentation.

Although the music has themes and structure, it is also very improvisational and much of it is created “at the moment”. Although it is multi-instrumental, it includes a lot of violin, which many of you have requested that I play more of, so, in that sense, there may be something here for those of you who love the sound of the violin (as I do).

Stay tuned for some audio and video examples!


Hi Friends,

Here is a taste of the new music for Tribal Dance.  This is one of the only slow songs I have put together (a waltz), and it is the first one “out of the gate”.  The recording is live off the floor in my basement practice area, so not the best recording quality, but not that bad either :-) 

It may strike you as a sad song - I feel like it comes as a comment on the war in Syria (or wars in general).  We saw first-hand some Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Greece when we were there, and it made a big impression on both of us.  I have named it “Look to the East”.  I hope you enjoy it. 


Stay tuned!

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